What major should I choose to study in Canada to easily find a job and settle down?

   Canada has a safe society, multiculturalism, good quality of life, reliable public health system, world-renowned education, affordable cost of living… Not surprisingly, 60% of births are in Canada. international students studying in Canada intend to find a job and settle permanently after completing their studies (according to the Canadian Bureau of International Education).

   The good news is that Canada is opening up the ideal career and settlement path for international students, especially during the post-pandemic recovery period as economic, cultural and social upheavals continue to put Canada in a difficult situation. there is an urgent need to supplement the labor force that is lacking in many fields. What are those fields? Where is the career area for the best career and settlement opportunities in Canada?

   In order to help you get more information, easily consider for the problem "What major should I choose to study in Canada?", below is a summary of the job fields that are in the trend of increasing human resources in Canada, based on data data from the National Bureau of Statistics and the NOC Occupational Classification List.
Careers with good prospects in Canada

Information technology:

   Technology has been a thriving industry in Canada for over a decade. The sector promises to grow even stronger as the impact of Covid-19 is driving demand for tech services across Canada. In 2019 alone, the job growth rate in the industry was 3.6% according to a survey by CompTIA Cyberprovaces. Along with a positive job growth outlook, tech professionals in Canada have the highest median salaries in the country at around $87,300 CAD per year. In which, about 10% of professionals have an average income of about 123,250 CAD/year.

Jobs with the best prospects:
  • Project management
  • Software engineer
  • Application Architect
  • Analysis - consulting information systems
  • Analytics - data management
  • Data Science
  • Design - web development
  • Network security

Health care, medical

   Canada has the most reliable public health system in the world and there is always a need for more trained human resources to help people maintain and improve their health. Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic takes place, that need becomes even stronger and more urgent. That is why earlier this year, Canada prioritized immigration approval for 20,000 temporary workers serving in Canada's healthcare industry. In the future, many positions will need to be filled due to the aging of the population, the increasing number of retired medical workers, the increasing proportion of immigrants... needing medical care services for many years. side.

Jobs with the best prospects
  • Nurses
  • dentist
  • Dental assistant
  • Dental technician
  • Ophthalmology doctor
  • Chiropractor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Health policy expert
  • Occupational therapist
  • Personal health care support staff

Preschool education

   In the period 2019-2028, the number of new jobs for early childhood education positions is expected to be 81,700, stemming from the need to expand educational institutions, care for children of kindergarten age and the need to replace them. retired workforce. Graduates have wide career opportunities at public or private preschool institutions, as tutors, nannies, assistants in educational centers, organizations for children's health, NGOs for children's rights… Although preschool education has a low average salary, stable job opportunities and easy permanent residency, this is one of the popular choices of young people. students enjoy childcare and want to build a long life in the land of maple leaves.

Business and finance

   Finance plays an important role in the economy of a country. Possessing a degree in this field will give you excellent insights into the planning, management and analysis of the financial aspects of businesses, banks and other organisations. Economics is another field with great career scope. Canada holds the 8th position among the 10 richest countries in the world (according to Rediff Business) with a stable developing economy, GDP increasing continuously every year. Not only benefit from the open job market, students also have the opportunity to study and practice with leading economists, and access diverse and up-to-date materials.

Jobs with the best prospects
  • Business analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Management
  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Accountant
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management


   This is a fairly fast-growing sector in Canada and created over 8,000 new jobs in 2018. Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) with strong manufacturing growth is the best job market for engineers. . This is followed by the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary.
Engineers with skills in AutoCAD, CATIA or other CAD software are in high demand at this time in Canada. The average annual salary of engineering graduates is 81,700 CAD.

Jobs with the best prospects:
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial production engineer
  • Technical manager

   Choose the right field of study – Increase your job advantage and immigrate to Canada
If your field of interest doesn't fall into one of the occupations listed above, don't worry as Canada's Occupational Classification (NOC) List has over 3,000 jobs. The above career fields are in Canada's human resources trends, but they are generally for reference only. Because the labor market always has potential fluctuations according to the actual situation, the profound impact of Covid-19 is a typical example. Choosing which industry to bring the best recruitment and settlement advantage in Canada depends on each person's passion, interest, ability, and career aspirations. It is important to choose an industry that also matches the human resource needs in each province/region of Canada.