Studying Abroad and Things International Students Need to Pay Attention to

Important factors affecting your study abroad path. Please refer to the article right away!

1. The field of study is the first thing to consider

It takes you at least 3-4 years to study your chosen major so you have to be sure what you want, to have a long term goal. From there, you'll be able to narrow the scope and take into account other factors such as location, cost, and learning environment.

 If you are wondering how to determine the right major, you need to first learn about your strengths or strengths, career desires and trends. From there, you will find the right major and your “Ikigai”. Ikigai is the middle ground between passion, mission, expertise and profession, or in other words the sum total of "what you love", "what you are good at", "what the world needs" and what you earn. money".

Career orientation is not easy, so you don't need to worry if you can't find an answer yourself. Do research, and read materials, such as the List of the hottest industries in the future or find career experts, to get the most suitable career orientation. (Refer to Career Coach for more information.)

2. Cost of studying abroad

Always a headache and needs great attention. Consider the fact that, even if you get a full scholarship, there are still countless other unnamed expenses in the foreign country. Tuition fees or living costs in different countries vary greatly. Most universities post their estimated living expenses and one-year tuition fees for international students. Sites like Numbeo, Expatistan are useful sources for looking up the cost of living in each city.

3. Ambience

In addition to the quality of teaching, the living environment also greatly affects the life and learning of students. You are afraid of the cold and like the bustling life in the big city, the family has an acquaintance in the province of Manitoba, Canada and wants you to study there. Are you ready to study in a place that can drop to -30 degrees in winter, deserted and less recreational, especially in winter? Many psychologists have analyzed that weather has a great influence on people's mood and productivity.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

Is the school in the city or the suburbs?

Is this city densely populated with immigrants or locals?

Does this place have a lot of public transportation, is it convenient for traffic and travel?

How's the climate?

What is the crime rate?

4. School Reputation

Ranking shouldn't be the most important factor, it should be relevancy. A towering university does not necessarily have outstanding training programs related to your field of interest, the cost may not be appropriate, or the location is not convenient for commuting.

As a small example, everyone knows, Harvard is the top university in the field of policy and administration. However, the cost of studying at Harvard as well as the cost of living in Boston is extremely expensive. You can consider an affordable option, not far from Harvard is Studying at the University of Delaware - where US President-elect Joe Biden attended!. In addition to excellent public policy training, the university is in a prime location for commuting. The state of Delaware also has a tax-free policy, the cost of living is much cheaper than Boston in Massachusetts.

5. Companion

Too many factors to consider and complicated legal procedures related to school selection, documents, visas, can make you even more confused. Having a companion, guiding the way will definitely help you a lot less hard. However, it is necessary to be careful with units that run after profits and work unclearly.

Capstone Vietnam with 11 years of experience, more than 500 partners worldwide, under the leadership of CEO - Dr. Mark Ashwill is a reliable companion for you to entrust your trust.